LoLos Perfect Touch - Marble & Granite Restoration
Polish & Clean all Marble, Granite, Travertine, Terrazzo, Slate, Concrete, Kitchen Counter Tops, Ceramic Tiles, Grout Joints (in between tiles), Vanity Counter Tops & Tub Surrounds.
Also specialize in Fabrication (installing marble & granite), Floor Sealing & Resealing.
Commercial & Residential.

Your marble & granite need to be regularly maintained to keep them looking as new as possible. We recommend our maintenance program to keep your quality stones always looking new.
The shine from most surfaces will fade naturally over time. We will return that shine you had when you first purchased your stone.
If you have honed granite, we can bring back that smooth finish it originally had.
All stone can stain. This might be a longer process than most but it is cheaper than a complete replacement.
Almost any small chip can be repaired. By utilizing crushed stone powder and epoxy, these areas can be made to blend in beautifully.
Scratches will make your granite or marble look dull. Using the honing and polishing process we can remove these scratches.
If you have any type of tile, ceramic or porcelain it should be machined cleaned periodically. In between tiles is a hard place to clean as everyone knows. We also use a special sealant after cleaning to help maintain that new look you desire for a much longer period of time.
The process of picking the right sealer for your application. If you don't use the right sealer, it can actually damage your stone. We take great care in choosing the type of impregnator to be utilized on your surfaces. 

Serving Hampton Roads with Marble, Granite, and other natural stone cleaning, sealing, polishing and maintenance.